Hygiene Systems Static Pass Box

Static Pass Box Ventilated Pass Box is widely used for transferring the material from and into the clean room, without contaminating the air of clean room & without having to open room door.These cleanroom pass boxes can be installed on the wall between the clean room and other room.Our range of static pass boxes is available in various specifications as per the client’s requirements.

Optional Accessories

  • U.V. Light with Hour Meter used for bacteria/virus killing & interlocking arrangement to put of UV Light if either side door opens
  • Support Stand for mounting of pass box
  • Flange for sealing the gap between the pass box and the clean room wall
  • Electro-Magnetic / Mechanical Interlocking
  • Floor mounted construction with three side wall structure & Door Drop Seal
  • Provision for ventilation with perforated grills
  • Flame Proof Fitting

Technical Specifications

  • Door : SS 304 double walled door construction with flush glass view panels with SS handles and SS hinges.
  • Interlocking : Electro-Magnetic Interlocking type door arrangement to ensure that only one side door can be opened at any given time
  • Door Indications : Indicators on either side for door open condition
  • Door Release : Door Release Switch on either side
  • SS Coving : Internal covings for easy cleaning

Our Products



  • Model : SPB-18-18-18
  • Internal Dimenssion : 450 X 450 X 450
  • External Dimenssion : 610 X 610 X 610
  • Electrial : 230VAC 1- Ø 50HZ / 415V AC 3-Ø 50HZ


  • Model : SPB-24-24-24
  • Internal Dimenssion : 580 X 520 X 650
  • External Dimenssion : 740 X 680 X 810
  • Electrial : 230VAC 1- Ø 50HZ / 415V AC 3-Ø 50HZ

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